A Brief Learning Mangroves Ecosystem’s and experiencing the kayaking sport through kayaking across the rare plants that produce natural oxygen away and contribute in the ecosystem is one of the most magnificent experiences that should do away from the city noise where all you will hear is the gentle sound of paddle hitting the water and feeling the nature around you.

Easy to learn Sport that will inhale your lungs with fresh oxygen produced by the mangrove plants.

Qatar Kayaking

Qatar Kayaking


Come and take the plunge with our top instructors. You will feel like you're floating in space.

  90 Minutes Kayaking

  Instruction Session

  Arabic Camp / Tent

  Seating & Fire

Sunrise Tour

Experience is not needed to do kayaking / all levels and all weights. Swimming skills is not required. The water is mostly shallow, maximum level is 1.5 meter.

  Sunrise tour : 5:00 am to 7:00 am

  Sunset tour : 4:00 am to 6:00 pm

Change may apply due to tide).

PRICE LIST Regular price Premium Price
Children under 12 years old QAR 120 GET IN TOUCH
Children under 7 years old QAR 60 GET IN TOUCH
More Information Booking should be in advance GET IN TOUCH
The Price includes:
  • Kayaking fundamentals & safety instructions
  • Equipment (paddle, life jacket, kayak)
  • Beverages ( Water, bottled juice )
  • English / Arabic speaking tour guides
  • Bird watching
  • Swimming break and snorkeling on purple island.
  • Certified lifeguard rescue.
  • Mangroves Ecosystem Brief
  • Bedouin Camp with Arabian Tent, Carpeted Area
  • With floor seating, Arabic Cushions, Shower, Changing Tent

Purple Island – Al Thakhira:  55 kilometers from Doha city.